Rosie Jackson



Well, how should I began. About 10 years ago, my youngest aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had her lymph nodes removed and received chemo treatments. She has been Cancer Free every since. A few months later, breast cancer struck again, MY MOTHER!!!! Now, I am a nurse. And, when I was told, I passed completely out. My sisters and I were crying, worried. But, my mother was a Warrior. She was stronger than any of us. She told us that her GOD was bigger than Breast Cancer ever could be. She decided to get a right breast mastectomy along with chemo treatments. She went through it like a Champ. I took two weeks off of my job without pay to care for my mother. She has been a Breast Cancer Survivor since that time! 

5 years later, breast cancer struck another aunt! We were like, “GOD, are you serious?” My aunt called a family meeting and told us the news and that she had to have a “DOUBLE MASTECTOMY” along with treatments. We immediately started praying and hard! GOD answered our prayers because surgery went well. She did chemo like a BOSS! Since then, she has been Cancer Free. We have have had cousins to get breast cancer, but again, they are all still here!!! Breast cancer is no stranger to our family. That’s why when I walk at Making Strides in Jackson, MS, I am proud. I have a purpose. When I cross that finish line, tears stream down my face. WHY? Because breast cancer did not defeat our family!!! We defeated breast cancer. My mother came up with our Team Name: Strong At Heart!!! Why? Because all of them were strong. And, it took heart to endure what they did.