Rosie Enriquez




When I was told in April 2014 that I had breast cancer, I felt like someone socked me in my stomach. I was alone when I got the call It took me 3 days to tell someone. When I told my kids, who are all grown, it hurt me so much, but I managed to stay strong and I told them, i would fight with all my power to BEAT this. had 8wks of radiation, no chemo yet!!! Got a bad bacteria infection on my breast was in hospital. I prayed and prayed,was I scared YES….But now I am so glad that on 10-22-14 my oncologist told my that my cancer is in remission. Best news ever. Hope and pray it never returns, I want to enjoy my life with my kids and grandkids. I am 63 yrs old, and I must say, LIFE GOES ON….thank you!