Stephanie Probst


City: Knightstown, IN Age: 53 Date of diagnosis: 2013 Diagnosis: Stage 4 HERS 2 ductal invasive breast cancer Stephanie had walked for breast cancer for 10 years but never thought she would one day be walking for her own life. What started as a routine procedure to remove a swollen lymph node in her left armpit became the diagnosis of four swollen cancerous lymph nodes. The following week the biopsy came back conclusive with Stage 4 HERS 2 ductal invasive breast cancer. Stephanie then had a PET scan, which uncovered that the cancer had spread to her collarbone. She underwent chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiation, and through it all she kept on living life because she wasn’t going to let cancer win. Stephanie continued to go to the gym, walk the dogs and run in 5ks. She refused to let cancer stop her from doing what she loved to do. Since beating cancer, Stephanie has been a guest speaker at the inauguration of the Cancer Center at Hancock County Hospital. She also annually sponsors a motorcycle ride to raise money for I.W.I.N. Foundation. Stephanie’s takeaway message for others: “Don’t let cancer stop you from doing what you love to do.”