Tamara Bramnik


I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34. My 20 anniversary is Dec. 19, 2015. I had two young children, Monica age 4 and Avery age 2. My mother was a breast cancer survivor so I was informed and had mammograms from the age of 27. My mother is now a 29 year survivor.

Thankfully, my mammogram in 1995 showed changes from a previous mammogram. I opted for a bilateral mastectomy. The results of my biopsy showed that my cancer was hormone receptive. The cancer had already spread to my lymph nodes so I followed up with chemotherapy treatments and 6 weeks of radiation. I also had BRACA1 and 2 gene tests two times with the results being negative so I do not carry the breast cancer gene.

I received the book about Susan Komen when I was diagnosed and I started walking in “Race for the Cure” as often as I could. My mother and father volunteer every year.

My grandmother and mother were both survivors and inspirations and my two daughters because they needed me!!