Tileena Hendershot



I felt a lump in my breast at the age of 25. I didn’t think anything of it because I was so young!!

I finally went to the doctor and they thought at first it was fat tissue but they wanted to run more test. So I went, and on Jan 2, I got a call that nobody wants to get! I was told out of the 9 tissue samples we took they all show cancer. I dropped to my knees while I was looking at my 3 young kid ages 7 and set of twins that were 5.

After many doctor appointments, I was told it went beyond my breast and they needed to do surgery right away. Within 2 weeks I had a double mastectomy. Then started 10 month of the most aggressive chemotherapy! I had my family by my side every step of the way! They came to every doctor appointment, and help cared for my children.

At one point my doctor came into my room while I was put back into the hospital because I was so weak and sick and asked to talk to my parents and me. He said this isn’t looking too good and if she continues she isn’t going to make it!! They asked my parents if I had a will and funeral arrangements. My mom cried and we talked and I said I need to fight for my kids and for myself, I have 3 kids that need me in there lives.

I fought my best fight and slowly became stronger.