Toni Bone

Living with MBC


Where to start! First it was Kidney Cancer. After that was taken care of with a removal of half my kidney, I asked what next? They said nothing we got it all!

Then 18 months later I went for my yearly Mammogram and what a whirl wind ride it has been. I found out that both breasts had 2 kinds of cancer. Wow! How can that be? I go for my Mammograms yearly!

Surgery for a double mastectomy was done. No, it does not stop there. Now I find out through a PET scan I have Bone Cancer. My little “Cancer Gremlins” are having a party. Lymph nodes have cancer so they spread in on. Just a few weeks age Booty problems arise. My little Cancer Gremlins have caused colorectal cancer. It does not end.

This story is surprisingly quite an adventure. At this point I sat down and had a long talk to myself. They want to pump all this chemo, radiation, hormone therapy drugs into me. I declined all the meds. I want quality and quantity of life. Yes, I did weigh the side effects and quality of life, as well as how long would I have. That question included cure, extending my life (buying time) and everything I could think of to best suit me.

I lost my husband and best friend to cancer. They went through all the treatments and lost. My husband lasted 4 months and my best friend lasted 10 years. After weighing all that the doctors told me and what I witnessed with my closest people I decided not to go for all the treatments. I saw what they went through and to no avail. The sickness both had caused a lot of discomfort and did nothing for their quality of life. So here I sit.

I do take a Bone shot and D3-50,000 every week. It helps with the pain and keeping control. To say the least my doctors are upset with me because I refuse treatment but it is still my life. it will be 1 year since my diagnosis and I am still hanging in there. Doing all the things I love to do. I am now 79 years old. They gave me 6 months to a year or less and I am still going.

If my little “Cancer Gremlins” would just settle down for a while it would be nice. This is the first time I have told my story and yes, it does feel better. Thank you.