Alice Arney




I was diagnosed at the age of 39 with triple negative breast cancer. I went through 20 rounds of chemotherapy. The first 8 rounds were Cytoxan and Adriamycin. I lost my hair 17 days after my first round. I had a med port put in, but due to complications I had to have 18 rounds of the chemo intravenously in my veins. When it came time for my double mastectomy my body decided to develop what they call an Acute DVT(blood clot) on the catheter of my useless med port so in to emergency surgery I went. I didnt get the surgery that I had planned for 6 months I only got the breast mass taken out of the right breast along with the removal of that “useless” port. Through All the trials and tribulations I remained calm, collective and positive. I always kept a smile regardless of what the test they were doing or how much pain i may of been in. I never wanted any of my peers to see me anything other than #ALICESTRONG. Dont get me wrong I had my days but I always found the silver lining in those days. Life could of been much worse. God could of decided that I wasnt up for the challenge and taken me at any moment. Through the help of my husband, my children, my twin sister and all my family, friends, coworkers and supporters they were that silver lining on a daily basis… Even though I am still on the journey and I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I am greatful god chose me to lead by example and live #ALICESTRONG