Ashley Taylor



25 yr old mom of 2

My name is Ashley and I was 25 years old when I has a lump come up in my right breast obgyn felt and said oh it’s just a Benin cyst but once my mamogram results come back a catagory 5 it all changed we went in and had the biopsy done I will never forget the waiting and I’ll never forget the day I went to dr and waited on dr to come in I had my husband my aunt my mother in law and my sister in law I’ll never forget the surgeon coming in and just immediately hugging me then I knew I was diagnosed with breast cancer I didn’t cry and listened or well thought I listened I was in shock and I told him to take my breast off and reconstruct them I remember when he walked out of the room I went to out on my bra and I broke down my sister in law had to help me get dressed we got in car when I got in the car I called my mom and told her mom I have breastcancer she didn’t really say anything then she said …… Do u know anyone that has a trailor for sale I told her no and hung up the phone 3 days later I was in surgery it was the worst pain I ever felt I couldn’t move my arms all my nurses where amazed because I was so young and made such a huge decision and I never let it get to me I kept my smile cause The Lord had done something for me a year befor and I can beat anything with him by my side I went home my mother in law had to help me shower my husband was to scared and for a 26 year old to have someone to have to help u shower was pretty hard but I’m thankful wasn’t 3-4 weeks later I was meeting my oncologist he was amazing he did blood test and came back I had brcca 2 gene and it started with me that hit me hard cause now my little girl will have to becarful not just her but my son also she was 4-he was 2 they did wonderful I went through 16 treatments first was every other week it was adreamicyn and cytoxyn after one treatment my hair was falling out full swing after it was hard I stayed sick after those four I started my every week taxol treatments they were little easier to handle but I had a lot of support and never let it get me down I kept going and kept smiling I had nothing to be upset about he doesn’t put more on us than we can bare I have had a full hysterectomy and reconstructed and I’m cancer free and that’s my journey I still have a lot of opsticals but I’m blessed I’m 26 and I’m cancer free I will be 27 December 🙂 I hope that my story can help someone and I think about each one who has to go through breastcancer