Carmen Salinas-Garcia



Surviving  with Faith

MY STORY BEGAN ONce I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer.I was 53 years old a grandmother of 14 .Five children and wonderfull siblings along with my dad as Baby girl to him.we were all mych uuiiin disbelief and knew we had to face this head on together as a family and encouragement of friends ..Relatives.

As i awaited to meet my surgicsl team at MD Anderson Was shakey and affraid but also I knew I felt homey and secured .From miment I entered I felt It was A ok .After all before I went My pcp doctor sent me a oncoligust and he was to send me to surgical…Time was on our hands …Hey this is my lufe Cancer was running the show and I was not going to allow ..I stood my groynd keep two feet on ground and knew something had be done..

As I went home I could not sleep so i i allowed my self to get on enternrt and find MD Anderson alliwed to arrange an appointment.So I did Before I did this I was told that it could be weeks to get an appointment.I took my greatest chance submitted my forms and very nect day I got a phine csll and I was In ..My first app I met DR Shen.She ecplained our first app was meet and greet ..My nect app she met hubby and we went briefly over my durgety and introduced me have DR Artemente to reconstruct .in ehich a tummy tuck and flap reconstruct left breast once DR shen remived my cancer an breast.My dad came thst mornung of surgery the look on.daddys face as he cried on my bedside as i was being wheeledb to three sons an daughter in laws aling with grand children mt yncle jr sister Debbie…the team MAzkA arrived for support All love i felt warm and Blessed .zEven as surgery was to begin Dr Art holded my hand with such warm hands he had I was then so safe i felt as if I was part there family.

Cancer is a long journey and har to fight but zi fought.Afterr Three surgeries in one day period It had failed the breadt flap did not accept .I lost blood and needed six units..I was sadden in pain but aluve.As I recovered I was told it was time to set that aside and start chemo phase .I had no Idea what phase or what was involved scared as a tiny puppy..My loving hubby was there every strp of the way.Tuesdays wasy chemo days For Twelve straight weeks.Day one I met my oncology team Dr Lewis..Hes great.My nurses as thy began to prep me It wad very scary Dr schen already put a port. Which makes thy need not stick me alot .I always did bloid work before first dose i began to feel dizzy. Then i turned to jubby i was burning and itchung the nurse responded quickly she admunustered a shor probably benedral.This wad then Dr was there in matter minuets.he discovered the chemo meds toxil i was Each time afterwards i 2as to give me stetoid .benydtal. anyi nausea meds and then chemi meds.So lufes disappointment yo otheres was a gift to me CHEMO saves im not sadden I became tougher.My strongest srstreanghts was family and faith with gods given live survivorship..Im here today recovering survivoe after a year ling battle and hopes to keep a good gight.I just had surgery awaiting this expander to heal and head on to next phase.I will go in two minths to return for permanent expander ..the final outvoutcome is yet to be revealed.As zi strugglwd to survive daddy had a stroke and (i hope for daddy to soon recover as I am so I can return to him to care for him. As Im as strong as he.Keep the faith of others that been threw ssme but much differ.As i told my story Its all about strength ..Had There been no family or friends cancare ..susankimen web site and many otheres wed be list.I want thank MD Anderdon fir giving me Hope and belief eith my Lufe back from Dr Shen oncology Dr Engle pain managemt.Im blessed to have a team .If your list look up susan komen to cancare and many otheres .I wad treated well from hair done wigs prostesies and the wrlcome from so many that touched my life .

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My story all i ask for now is to fufill my wish …my hairs growing back im needing a new ward robe and mych help in make up then Ill go out .daughters night out with daughter in laws to.Im a lycky lady and if im asked how i do it …Irs called live of FAMILY And a great Team MD Anderson.please never give up call some one and if u remember there atare so many resources .As my chemo dad shorten I knew the journey we were going three was almist over.yet alot to recover.strenght .Hope and faith get me back to carmen Salunas Garcia whom Never went away Im still me Just Stronger .my days were list and i had days of mych active csused by steroids then i went down lioad slept fir hours then active .So zim told for ten years i must be medicated of toxofin and thus will prevent the cancer growth.I sit and pray i never give up .I only ask fgor others yo read my story and have coueage to keep up the good fight lifes to precious to hive up to fast..So keep up good work dont look back lean forward straight. Keep truckung aling The professionals know best .My wish now is to move forward sit un a huge RV and take all grandchildren to Disneyland florida….I made it this far and i want a wish granted for Im A suevivor in pink and we are TEAM MAKA….. this is my story…