Carmem Maia



I was used to doing mammography and Breast US every year and that year wasn’t different. I did it and sent the results to my gynecologist. During the consultation he said that everything was perfect and that I could come back in a year. I thanked him and I said I was thinking about consulting a plastic surgeon because I would like to do implants and he said, “Ah no, not necessary”, but I decided to go to a plastic surgeon anyway. I went directly from his office to the other. When the plastic surgeon saw my mammogram, he said: “There is something wrong here”. And I replied: “No, impossible, I just came from my doc”. He touched my breast and he said: “Here it is. If I was you, I would go to have a MRI tomorrow morning”. I was trembling. Confused and angry, I called my gynecologist and told him what happened and he said, “Don’t worry, he is ONLY a Plastic Surgeon. Ignore him”. But I couldn’t. Next day I went for another US and MRI and there it was. A very initial thing, but it was there . The plastic surgeon was right. My advice: follow your intuition.