Charmaine King



Stay Positive

I was diagnosed October 2021, it was definitely hard to accept I cried nonstop for weeks. But I knew I had to figure things out being a single parent and no close family members to talk to about it, and didn’t know what to do all I could think about is why me and being a parent of an 8yr old daughter what about her. I knew I had to do everything possible for her and to keep my spirits up and smile everyday that I look at her.Talking to her about it was very hard even though she’s a very intelligent child, I felt like she didn’t deserve this. I began treatment immediately, Surgery was 4/13, I’m moving on to the next steps and praying for the best outcome.

My Life has always been a roller coaster from having other medical issues,but I have always managed to get through everything and remain independent this is the first time I’m in a position to need help.