Jo Weston




Mom’s journey

My mother, Cledith, was a 15+ year survivor of breast cancer. She lived with me when she went for a Mammogram while I was at work one day. When they discovered a mass, they immediately sent her for a biopsy. When I got home from work that day, she broke down & told me what was happening. I was so upset that she hadn’t called me at work to just be there with her. It would have been better for us BOTH!

She had a lumpectomy and subsequent radiation treatments and remained cancer free. Unfortuantely, she later developed Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2012.

My advice to anyone:

  1. Get regular check ups with your doctor and yearly mammograms.
  2. If or when a situation is detected, involve someone else — you don’t need to go through it alone! We all need support through crises.
  3. Follow up with necessary treatment.