Cheryl Cook




Cheryl’s Journey

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 17, 2021. I had a lumpectomy, then a lymph nodes removal, after that I had a Port Catheter placed in my chest. I went through 4 rounds of Chemo and 33 rounds of Radiation treatments. All of this took a great toll on my body, I lost my hair and experienced many other side effects. Such as Neuropathy, Nausea, Sleep Issues and Major Discomfort in my bones and body.

I completed all of my treatments a few days before Thanksgiving 2021, and it gave me a new perspective on gratitude as I have something to be truly thankful for.

Then came the hard part and test of my faith in that I had to wait 90 days before I could get my PET Scan to find out if I was cancer free.

I know that I have so many people to thank for all they did to aid in my recovery and all of the research that has been done by the American Cancer Society that provided the medical knowledge for my treatments. But I know that all of this would not have been possible if I had not had faith and a huge group of prayer warriors lifting me up from all over. So to God goes the glory.
My need to be part of the Walk is two fold, one is thankfulness and the other is to help raise funds so we can eliminate this disease so no more people have to go through this especially the Children.