Christopher Dudley



Hey how are you i am a 40 year old truck driver my story is about a wonderful woman i crossed in my pathe the last 2 years very smart and very strong she and i are wwe watchers and both support breast cancer.In this time of our dating she has become my fiance and was soon diagnosed as having breast cancer i worry be cause i am not perfect and we also lost a child early november at birth and added stress to our relationship i travel alot and im not leaving her side.and i want the best for her she has two kids i love to death and i recently fond a job down here in tallahassee fl..we moved here from norcross ga to be with my father to take car of him for a while who also was diagnosed with orostate cance but he has had surgery and doing well .I look at my fiance taking medicines everytime i come home i know she is ill and i love her very much my story of this special moment is that she never thought it would happen to her but she stands strong take care of her daughter school events like trackband cheerleads. The house hold if im out of work and even me .lol..very strong independant to all the breast cancer patient all the supports please support us as well ..because if you belive in healing in the fleahband hard to keep being strong .then real men wear PINK…we support and always with stay Susan G Komen..and all the suppoert for the women in need that havent gotten help and need it.