Emily Wolfe

In Treatment


I was diagnosed at the age of 29 with stage 3a infiltrating ductal carcinoma breast cancer. I am currently undergoing 16 rounds of chemotherapy followed by breast surgery and radiation. I have no family history and was at very low risk to be diagnosed.

I had all my children at a young age, I breast fed all 3 daughters, I am physically active, and I do regular self exams. How could this be happening? I found a small lump in the fall of 2020. After monitoring it, I had my beast friend take a feel! Was this normal breast tissue or not? She was more concerned than I and I called the doctor the next day.

After waiting 2 months (thanks covid) to see my doctor I was sent to have an ultrasound. That led to a “precautionary” biopsy that led to my diagnoses. I was stunned. I have 3 young daughters with my high school sweetheart, Ryan. I keep a full time job, coach volleyball, enjoy days at the lake with my girls, and stay active fundraising and volunteering for various nonprofit organizations dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

To date I have raised just over $20,000 for Susan G Komen. I hope to make the best of my journey to beat cancer and aim to help bring awareness to many. How can we educate more women? How can someone learn from my story?