Eric Ray



I met my wife in 2007. Both of us had failed marriages and we met on a whim.

She was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, stage 1, shortly after we met. She had a full hysterectomy, and after that we thought we were thru. In 2011, she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.

We were distraught with the results. She would end up having a bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. She fought for many years, only to have her cancer to spread. It was stage 4 breast cancer, metastasized to brain. This was 2017.

My wife fought long and hard, thru chemo and radiation, and yet she battled this disease because she was a fighter. She dint give up. She fought brain cancer for 3 years. Unfortunately, her treatments didn’t help. Her body became immune to the treatments she was given. Her brain tumor, which the doctors had said they removed 98% of, had finally attacked her brain, her spine and her nerves. My wife passed December 4th, 2000. And I miss her terribly.