Ginger Modiri



Just Another Day?

What started out as just another day, turned into a day I’ll never forget. I completed my yearly exam with my gynecologist, all was good. I continued on to my next appointment, my yearly mammogram. (Somehow I managed to book appointments for each exam on the same day.)

After multiple photos, waiting for the Radiologist to review them, and then seeing her white coat entering the room, I knew it was no longer “just another day”. Ultrasounds, a biopsy, then waiting days for the reading of the results. I knew in my gut what the outcome would be, although I must have gone into shock, because I could see the Radiologists’ mouth moving, but it wasn’t until I felt the warmth of my own tears running down my checks that I came back to reality. It was at that point my “strong take charge instincts” kicked in.

I was going to fight and fight hard.

Unfortunately I/we lost a very dear friend to Breast Cancer 7 years earlier. Patti fought for 10 years, before the cancer won the fight. I feel extremely blessed with the Great strides and new treatments which I have access to; unfortunately Patti did not. Fast forward to earlier this year 2015, it was time for another one of my six-month mammograms again. I know the routine inside and out by now, pictures, scans, more pictures, and then the news I didn’t want to hear….My Radiologist ordered an ultrasound! Oh My Goodness… brain went into fast forward mode. Had the cancer returned?, What type of surgery would I have?, What methods of treatment would be necessary? Luckily the ultrasound detected nothing, just dense breasts which we all know I have.

At the time of this writing, I will be having another 6-month mammogram next month in October. Will I have better control over my emotions? I’ll just have to wait and see! I’ve learned the “Fear of Recurrence” is very normal, although I do hope it will fade with time. I knew I was a take charge strong personality, but Cancer has recharged my resolve to Never Give Up. I attend two separate cancer support groups, one for Breast Cancer Survivors, and one for all Cancer Survivors/their families when time and energy permits. Not specifically for myself but to give support to others going thru the cancer journey. It’s a step at “paying it forward”.