Janeth Haw



I would like to share my mom’s story to motivate people to donate to this foundation. Her name is Janeth and she has breast cancer for second time, first time in 2011 and the second time she was diagnosed past January 2016. She’s winning the fight. Women all around the world need to know that even when they feel it’s the end, it’s NOT. Because there are women all around the world that are winning the fight, even when they had the worst prognosis. There are too many beautiful things in this life, so continue, every single day is a blessing and there are many reasons to fight. She’s a fighter and even if she is having a hard day with her treatment, she has the happiness and the strength to motivate other people to continue fighting and stay strong in this fight. People need to know that all the patients and their families really appreciate the support from the community in this fight against the cancer. All together it’s easier to beat it.