Jennifer Getman



When I was 3 going on 4 years old, my grandmother died of breast cancer. But a year after my grandmother died, my mother decided to do a mammogram and almost a week later her doctor called and told her they found something abnormal and needed to come back in for more testing. She went back in and that’s when they diagnosed her with breast cancer. She was 33 years old and was very scared. She didn’t know what to do after losing her mother. She sat there day by day and thought of what would happen to our family and how life would be without us. But she was strong and had to go on and provide for her family. Then 6 months later, her breast cancer was gone. Then it turned into 6 years, she battled on and off with breast cancer. But when I was 16 and my sister was 17 she told us her story and till this day we have been with her since the day we found out. And after those hard 6 years of battling, my mother has been in remission, which has made me and my sister more supportive and caring of breast cancer. It’s already hard enough we lost our grandmother especially at a young age; we are terrified of losing our mother. I’m proud for how hard she has fought and now since we’re older and we understand what breast cancer means were here for the fight! She’s my hero and I love my mother! <3