Julie Monahan

Living with MBC


My story actually starts with my sister Ann. She was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in April 2000 and she was told she had 1 1/2 years to live. Ann died October 2001; 2 days before I delivered my first child. I was terrified that there would be an impact on me or any children that I had, but I followed all the right precautions. 

My daughter was born in April 2004. April 2008 I found the lump in my left breast; I was devastated. Stage II. Bilateral masectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, tamoxifen….I did whatever I was told. 2015 I had a seizure on a train – Stage IV with mets to the brain, bones, and lymph nodes. Whole brain radiation, new meds….it is hard; I worry about my family but I try everyday to find joy. I won’t give up, but I don’t take life for granted. I completed a half marathon with some terrific women that I care about in 2015. My family and I have made travel a priority since my original diagnosis, and we have visited so many places. My family – husband, son, and daughter are my rock. I accept everyday as a gift, and I hope that I am able to view their important milestones. That is my goal.