Kathleen Yuhas



3 years and going

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 6 months prior to me retiring from the Navy nurse corps. Went through mastectomy, chemo and radiation. Thinking all was well, got the news the cancer was back, or maybe never left and I had to go on more chemo. Doing OK my pet scans were good until that day again and low and behold, cancer was seen again and now more chemo. SInce then my diagnosis is triple neg, stage 4. But I go and get my chemo of gemzar every 2 weeks, have pet scans every 12 and just keep hoping that this new normal will last. I am trying to get my energy back and be more like my self. But that is new too. What is the new me????? I feel thankful that I made it now 3 years fro Oct 2011.