Leslie Reed



Leslie Reed


Leslie’s volunteer career with Komen began in Southern California, when two close friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. Losing these two courageous women to the disease created a passion in Leslie that converted to active fundraising for Komen events. In her first Breast Cancer 3-Day® event in Southern California in 1999, she walked 60 miles and raised over $4,000. Since then she has participated in two additional Breast Cancer 3-Day events.

After retiring and relocating to Sacramento, Leslie registered for her first Sacramento Race for the Cure in 2004 and found that the website registration process needed improvement. Volunteering to be “part of the cure,” Leslie joined the Race Committee in 2005, assisting in reconciling donations and participants – something she continued to do for the next four years.

As a fundraiser, she has consistently placed in the top two among all Sacramento Race fundraisers, raising a total of $97,855 over seven years. With her Komen 3-Day totals, Leslie has personal raised $113,870 to fight breast cancer in a decade.

Appreciating her dedication and high-level accounting skills, the Sacramento Affiliate asked Leslie if she would be interested in volunteering as their office bookkeeper, and fortunately she accepted – saving the Affiliate $15,000 per year. 

“I currently have two “Angels” and 14 friends (in addition to numerous acquaintances, friends, and family of friends who are survivors) – I walk and raise funds in their honor. I do not want to hear that the daughters or grand-daughters of the friends I have lost are having now to fight for their own lives. I do not want to lose even ONE more friend to this insidious disease.  I pledge to do my best to be a part of ‘The Cure’!!”