Letrisha Frtich

Living with MBC


I was 37 when my aunt found out she had cancer so I went in to get checked. The doctors told me I was way to young to have cancer. About 5 days later I had a double mastectomy and was told it’s stage 4. I was full of cancer, 6 months of chemo. 

Surround yourself with family and friends. I had to survive. I had 2 little kids to raise, my daughter was 4 my son was 7. The day I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, my daughter crawled up into my lap and put her face in my neck. She said, “please don’t leave me mommy, I love you and I need you.” 

That was 19 years ago. Still kicking and I live everyday to the fullest I can. I don’t sit around, I have things to do.