Lynn Sellers



A longtime friend and volunteer of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Lynn Hamm Sellers first became involved with the Charleston Affiliate of Komen for the Cure in 1996. Prompted by a close family member’s cancer diagnosis, Lynn has devoted her heart, mind and body to finding a cure for breast cancer. Lynn’s dedication is best described in her own words:

“When we consider the components of a successful organization, no one can minimize the importance of dedicated volunteers. The benefits that they bring are beyond measure. We, as dedicated volunteers, provide a needed link with the community, serve as informal spokespersons for our organization, generate financial support, offer extra sets of eyes, ears, hands and feet and more often than not, inspire with our enthusiasm, fresh outlook and limitless energy! We do it ALL!!!

I am amazed at this wonderful organization and I am thankful to be involved. We are all in this together— furthering our mission of eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. Over the past ten years, there’s been significant progress in detecting and treating breast cancer. But we will not stop until we find a cure and I will continue to devote my time and energy to this worthy cause (along with so many others).”

There are so many ways in which to describe Lynn Sellers— a loving wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, entrepreneur and volunteer. She has a long history of volunteerism in her Charleston community. As a Komen volunteer, Lynn has served as a member of the Volunteer Advisory Council, immediate past Affiliate representative to the Komen board of directors, volunteer Race trainer and she is the current vice chair of the Komen board of directors. Lynn is truly a Komen volunteer.