Melissa Madden



My first symptoms were itching under my right arm and my right breast. I thought that it was an allergic reaction to the soap or deodorant, so I switched both a couple of times.

My husband then noticed a lump in my right breast, and it was painful. I then found that there was a large mass in my right arm pit. I went for a mammogram and diagnostic sonogram and sure enough, it was cancerous.

My life has been a whirlwind since July 2019! 16 rounds of chemo, surgery, and 6 weeks of radiation that I just finished on April 21, 2020. Please stay SURROUNDED with positive people and energy throughout your journey. Do not allow negative people in your space or mind. Remove them immediately.

GOD, my loving husband, daughter and 2 sons were my refuge and source of strength throughout this trying journey. But I am now cancer free!!! I would love to share things that I did to help with side effects from the chemo or radiation. Just ask me!!