Patricia Doxey



Dedicated to Dot and Mary my Heavenly Angels and those sitting alongside of you and the Brave Sisters here still fighting. I LOVE YOU!!!!

LOVE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS 🙂 🙂 We worked, played, laughed, cried and shared our lives together. Two beautiful ladies and I. Life was so much fun. THEN that ugly C word hit. Breast cancer. Life was never the same. God had a plan. He needed you two back even though we all needed you here. All we could do through your battle was love and support you both. You’re in heaven at God’s side. But, your memory lives in all of us. I haven’t let anyone forget you. I have fought in your memory since you left me here sad and wondering why I’m still here. I have fought 11 years in your memory raising money to find a cure. But, through my love for you both I have enlightened so many about the perils of breast cancer. I have fought in your memory for the sisters still here fighting their battle. One, sad lonely senior on a mission. 2018 will be race #13 for me. I’m still missing and fighting for you both. Hundreds of people who knew you or know you now through me are keeping your memory alive. $37,000 later those wonderful people are honoring you through their donations to my Susan G. Komen fundraiser. It only takes one determined senior to move mountains in honor of two beautiful ladies who are loved and missed. Until we are together again I will be here fighting in your memory.