Sandra M. Mitchell



Sandra Mitchell is a television news anchor with CBS News in Los Angeles.  As a breast cancer survivor, she is also an outspoken advocate for others and a proud member of the executive board of Susan G. Komen, LA County.

Diagnosed with stage 1-2 breast cancer in August 2011, Sandra truly believes early detection through a mammogram, the wisdom and guidance of her doctors and medical team, and her deep faith and incredibly loving family and friends saved her life!

Sandra has been cancer free since her radiation treatment ended. Through public speaking, she continues to share her story with others, to educate and inspire. She believes that simply talking about cancer can prompt others to examine their own health and often nags her friends and family to see their doctors for regular checkups!

Sandra wants others to know that a cancer diagnosis is terrifying, but it also can be the beginning of a true examination of life, and the impetus to laugh more and love deeper.