Sandra Franklin



Breast Cancer 

I was told that I had breast cancer in May 2014 was afraid couldn’t fine anyone to talk to because every meeting they had close to where I live was around 10:00-12:00pm . I was at work an I could not go. I had my surgery July 22,2014 lost my job August 30,2014 things have been very hard for me I had no one that understood what was happen I felt so alone. My next surgery was Oct 27,2014 still no one to talk to . I just thank God He help me, I did not have to have any chemo or radiation because it was found in time. Only thing I can tell someone is to find some support of someone that have been through it. Make sure you talk things out don’t kept it inside of you. Always pray because God is the only one can help you and change things for you because people that never had breast cancer don’t really understand what you are going through they say they do but they really don’t