Sandy Molon


Love Gives Me Strength

I never knew just how strong the power of love could be until I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in 2009. Hearing the words “you have cancer” changes you forever, and immediately put my life into perspective and threw me into survivor mode.    The whirlwind of tests, biopsies, a double mastectomy, reconstruction and hormonal therapy that followed is something I could never have taken on without the love of God, my family and my friends. Having this love in my life, the desire to see my child grow up, to grow old with my husband and the support and love of my  angels, who were family and friends, truly was the source that gave me strength to push forward in my fight against cancer.

Having reached my fifth year cancer free could never have happened without the love I received from them. I continue my fight against this disease by living a healthy lifestyle, and I was fortunate to have found Zumba, where I actively participate in their Party in Pink campaign supporting Susan G. Komen. This enables me to do what I love most — connect with survivors, with people currently fighting the disease and encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle, and in the process, help drive awareness and the search for a cure for this disease.  

It is love for this gift called life, for every person in my life and from every person in my life that supported me through the darkest, hardest time of my life — and it is love that gave me the strength to transform my pain into power.