Taylor fultz


Diagnosed at 23

February 2, 2015 – As I sit in the general surgeons office awaiting a biopsy of a huge tumor in my right breast, I couldn’t help but to panic. It was 1 day after I turned 23, and 23 days before my baby girls 1st birthday. February 4th – aka “World Cancer Day” is when I got the dreaded phone call … “we need to see you, asap, and please bring someone along. As a nurse, I had already known the results. I called my mom to warn her — but she didn’t want to believe it. As we walked into my Dr’s office and heard those dreaded words, “it is malignant, you have breast cancer” we were speechless. I tried to return to work that day, but was unable. As I arrive home to my fiance and my beautiful daughter..I slowly realized that life as I knew it was over. I had met with surgeons, fertility specialists, and my oncologist in the weeks after, and after undergoing fertility treatments and egg preservation, my first chemotherapy treatment was March 31, 2015. I shaved my head the second week of April, right before my 2nd treatmen, in fear that my daughter wouldn’t know her mommy, my nieces and nephews would be wondering “why.” We sat down and explained to the kids what cancer was and what was happening, and since then they have been very curious. I have undergone 5 chemotherapy treatments thus far with my 6th and final one scheduled for July 14, 2015. I will then undergo and breast MRI and set up my double mastectomy July 31, with all hopes that my cancer is gone and my life can go on!