Vera Ventura




Surviving Stage IV Cancer

I was healthy, active, and did not see this coming. It was a total shock. I learned that I inherited a mutation that made my risk of getting breast and ovarian cancer by 80%!

First I felt a lump and thought it was from breast feeding my baby girl, but it wasn’t. I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer.

I underwent several rounds of chemotherapy, immunotherapy. You know, the kind of chemo that makes your hair fall out. I also underwent a double mastectomy.

Then when I thought was in the clear, I started having debilitating headaches. It turned out that I had brain cancer! The original breast cancer had traveled up to my brain. Left unchecked it could have killed me within weeks. In a 7 hour surgery, I had the tumor removed. Then radiation.

I started sharing my journey every step of the way, while continuing use of natural & eastern solutions to help me like essential oils, accupunture, meditation, and yoga. I also decreased inflammatory foods in my diet. All this combined with Western medicine proved to be an incredible combo. My doctors were impressed by my recovery and ability to maintain calm and cool through it all.

Now my passion to help others and tell my story. Thank you!