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Four Reasons Why Companies Should Support Nonprofit Events

In today’s world, prospective and current employees are looking to see what separates their company from the rest. For many, community involvement and giving back to others are key factors as to why they join or stay with an organization. The nonprofits s a company supports, and how they support those organizations, say a lot about the company’s values.

The good news is that many nonprofits, like Susan G. Komen, offer a variety of ways to support a worthy cause while also providing fun engagement opportunities for businesses and their employees.  Here are four key reasons why companies should consider doing more than just writing a big check.

1. Volunteering Fosters Employee Morale

Whether you’re manning a water station at a local, one day event like Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® or MORE THAN PINKWalk®, or choosing to volunteer at a longer event, like the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® 60-mile walk , taking time out of the everyday grind of the office and focusing on helping others provides a great perspective and a sense of comradery.  Plus, depending on the event, it can be fun to see your co-workers let their hair down, shed their professional persona, don a pink boa or crazy hat, and expend a little elbow grease.

2. Fundraising Creates a Deeper Bond and Sense of Accomplishment

It’s one thing to pay a registration fee and participate in an event, but it’s a whole different level when your team engages in fundraising. Set a fundraising goal and watch people’s competitive spirit come out.  Who can be the top individual fundraiser? Which department can host the best raffles, chili cook-offs, or jeans days to be at the front of the pack? Bragging rights are only surpassed by the sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that the money raised will go towards life-saving education, treatment and research programs that can help end breast cancer forever.

3. Being Part of a Team Strengthens Your Bond

Everything is easier in numbers. Whether you are walking 1 mile or 60, if you’re doing it with others that have shared experiences, crossing that finish line seems easier. Teams foster creativity and that creativity can spur all sorts of fundraising ideas to help everyone reach their fundraising goals. Whether it’s a bake sale, community garage sale or putting your boss in a dunking booth, working together to attain fundraising goals strengthens your bond as a team. This bond can spill over into work relationships, improving the ability to meet timelines, work together on key deliverables and overall office morale.
4. Extending Beyond the Office to Involve Your Friends and Family
Volunteering or fundraising for a nonprofit event also provides employees an opportunity to involve their family and friends from outside the office, allowing teams to get to know the full person.  And since most everyone has been touched by breast cancer, you may find that your company is fundraising to help fund the life-saving research or treatment your co-worker’s friend or family member needs.

Susan G. Komen hosts events nationwide throughout the year. To get involved with an event near you go to or