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Breast Cancer, No Longer Your Grandmother’s Disease

You hear it all the time, start getting your mammograms when you’re 40-45 years plus. Why is that the age, when I and so many others, have been diagnosed at ages under 40?

Imagine if my doctor would have never sent me to get a mammogram, even after feeling something because I was 31. Where would I be now? I’ll tell you, dead! Breast cancer is no longer your grandmother’s, aunt’s, the sweet old lady next door, or the older woman at church’s disease.

It’s hitting the young girl at the mall, the girl driving the flashy car next to you at the light, the young girl checking you out at the grocery store, or the young woman you hear on the radio.

It’s time for researchers and doctors to start bringing more light to the fact that YOUNG WOMEN DO GET BREAST CANCER! Not only do we get it, we get it aggressively and the chances of survival are slim, especially in young black women.

One would think that if you are young it should be breeze, but that’s not the case. So how about we start the conversation and start it loudly? This conversation could save your daughter, little sister, your student, or the young girl who helps you pick your outfit at the mall. This conversation is necessary.

This conversation is now.