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Embark on a Challenge this October to help end breast cancer

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey of giving back and having fun – all while making a real impact. 
Our October Fundraising Challenges are back and better than ever, offering you the chance to rally together with fellow change-makers, old and new, for an unforgettable month of philanthropy and camaraderie. 
This year, we have four amazing challenges lined up, each catering to different interests and passions. Whether you’re an avid cyclist, a crafting enthusiast, a pickleball pro or simply love the idea of taking a refreshing walk, there’s a challenge that’s perfect for you: 
Cycle Challenge: Pedal your way to greatness as you conquer 100 miles throughout October. Feel the wind in your hair and the satisfaction of knowing your efforts are helping us achieve our mission. 
Crafting Challenge: Unleash your creativity and craft for a cause! Channel your artistic talents into creating wonderful works of art, with each piece contributing to your fundraising goals. 
Pickleball Challenge: Serve, volley, and smash your way through this exhilarating challenge. Grab a partner or meet new friends on the court while supporting those affected by breast cancer. 
Walk Challenge: Step into October with purpose and walk 60 miles. Take brisk walks, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and know that every mile covered brings us closer to ending breast cancer for good.  

Create Your Own: Start a Facebook Fundraiser in honor or memory of someone you love. 
The best part? These challenges aren’t just about raising funds. They’re about forging connections, sharing stories and igniting a sense of community that amplifies the good we can do together. Each challenge is an opportunity to showcase your commitment to positive change while enjoying activities you love. 
Are you ready to join us? Get started today by clicking on the challenges above to learn more and sign up. 
Here’s to an October filled with challenges, camaraderie and meaningful impact.