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In Case You Missed It: The Census Matters

The census is now open for everyone to complete. It is important that every household in the U.S. participates because the information collected informs so many important decisions about the next 10 years.

Here are a few things impacted by census data: the census informs the number of representatives each state has in Congress, how voting districts are drawn, and it also helps determine the amount of federal funding for housing, highway construction, education and health programs.

Census data also determines funding for issues related to breast cancer. An estimated $1.5 trillion in annual spending is allocated based on census data. There is a lot at stake for the communities Susan G. Komen serves who are living with breast cancer, and this is particularly true for communities of color.

Tune into this week’s In Case You Missed It to learn more and hear about ways you can complete the census and why you should encourage others to do so in the coming months.