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Mukti’s Story: Keep Calm

Mukti Patel and her family live in India. In July 2022, Mukti learned she had breast cancer. The only relative she knows who had breast cancer passed away from the disease. This is her story.

Mukti began to experience leaking from her left nipple at 39 years old. “I am happy with my family, my life goes smoothly and then one day, this happens. I couldn’t imagine why this was happening,” she said. 

Mukti reached out to her doctor, who was concerned and ordered a diagnostic mammogram, followed by a breast MRI and a biopsy. A week later, Mukti learned she had breast cancer.  

“So many thoughts went through my mind when I heard ‘breast cancer’. I worried about what would happen with my life, my family, my 5-year-old son,” Mukti said. “My mother’s sister had stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 40 and she died. I worried for my life. I prayed to God and prepared to fight against breast cancer.”    

Once Mukti met with her surgeon and oncologist, she began to feel more assured with her treatment plan. “The cancer is stage 1, which made me feel better,” she said. “My doctor was very assuring and helped me feel confident about what I was facing.” 

In August, Mukti underwent a mastectomy and reconstruction. Once she recovered from surgery, she began chemotherapy and HER2 injections. “It is still very hard to accept I have breast cancer, but my husband and my son provide me with the motivation and support I need,” Mukti said. “It’s important to keep calm and to take a deep breath, because cancer treatment takes time.” 

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