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What Does Metastatic Breast Cancer Look Like?

My name is Roxana Guerra and I am living with metastatic breast cancer, meaning my cancer has spread to other parts of my body.  It has been a roller coaster. I have lost friends to metastatic breast cancer, yet I know that I must remain strong and keep going for my son. I am blessed to have supportive friends and family – you know who you are.

I may have MBC, but MBC doesn’t have me. I keep myself busy, but when my body needs rest, I listen to my body. I thank God for my blessings every day. I want you all to understand that this is not easy to go through by any means, but we are strong.

Everybody living with MBC is different.  We have all been through a number of rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.  We will be in some form of treatment for the rest of our lives.  Most people don’t understand – we may look normal, but they don’t know what is eating us up inside.  The picture people have in their head of someone going through cancer treatment is someone who looks frail, probably has a bald head.  And when we don’t look like that, they assume we’re okay.  They don’t know why we can’t eat out.  Or that one day, we can’t get out of bed.  They just know that we’re here one day and gone the next – all the while we’re deteriorating day-by-day.

Metastatic breast cancer doesn’t just affect those living with it.  It affects everyone in their circle.  I’m 45 and have one son – I’m a single mom.  My son was six years old when I was diagnosed.  Like many moms and dads with MBC, in many ways I’m living for my son.  I try to make life as normal for him as possible, but sometimes it is hard for him to understand.  To him, I’m mom.  He doesn’t always understand why I can’t do everything the other moms do.  It’s a struggle when you want to give him your all, but you know that you can’t do everything he might need or expect.  I get upset with myself, because I don’t have the energy to help with homework, or to cook.

Despite that, I try to stay positive and cherish the moments I have.  To everyone living with MBC, we are sisters and brothers for life! God bless you all!! We got this!! Somos fuertes! Hay esperanza!!