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YogaWorks Launches a New Fitness and Education Program Along with Susan G. Komen in Support of The Breast Cancer Community 

YogaWorks is supporting Susan G. Komen by presenting the first-of-its-kind fitness regimen that specifically caters to the breast cancer community. YogaWorks Pink will provide patients and survivors with a restorative fitness program that will support their breast cancer journey, with gentle poses and sequences that cater to breast cancer survivors, thrivers and those with limited mobility. 

In addition to this new restorative fitness program, YogaWorks Pink offers members full access to YogaWorks’ regular collection of more than 1,300 on-demand classes and 25+ live classes for three months, free of charge. This innovative program offers those impacted by breast cancer a fitness regimen with healthy, low impact movements that they can utilize throughout their journey. 

Many studies show that being active may lower the risk of breast cancer mortality and improve a patient’s quality of life after treatment. Elyssa Graves, a survivor from California shared that having an active lifestyle significantly helped improve her mental state both before and after her diagnosis. “I was already very active prior to my diagnosis in 2018. I started exercising in 2011 to help with my mental health and I found that it was a tremendous help for me, both mentally and physically,” she said. “I started working out because I read that it helped with past trauma, but it also helped me throughout my treatment.”  

Elyssa continued her active lifestyle throughout her breast cancer treatment and though the journey was difficult, she continued, although she did have some chronic physical limitations due to complications from surgeries. After her last surgery in March 2019, Elyssa’s therapist encouraged her to run a marathon to give her a goal to work toward after her treatment. After making the decision to move forward with the idea, she found that setting a goal that was linked to her physical performance was encouraging and helped boost her mental health. When she crossed the finish line in October, Elyssa was amazed that she ran a marathon only 8 months after her last surgery. 

Having a healthy lifestyle and being more active can improve a survivor’s quality of life both during and after treatment. Komen is excited to partner with YogaWorks to introduce YogaWorks Pink to the breast cancer community.