Bonnie Mead



My Mom’s Story

My Mom, affectionately known as Cricket, lost her battle with triple negative breast cancer that was diagnosed in July 2020. She died 2 days before her 89th birthday on March 21,2021.
She found the lump sometime in May/June of 2020 and I think it had been there longer than that. Within a week she had a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. Surgeon knew at the time of biopsy that is was cancer. Didn’t need to wait for results.

She was in total denial. Because of her age and other health issues treatments were to precarious to even consider. Further tests showed in had already metastasized in her lungs.
Further review of her records showed she hadn’t had a mammogram since 1983!! She said her dr told her she didn’t need them anymore. WHAT???

Around Christmas of 2020 hospice was in place and we played the wiring game as her tumor grew bigger and bigger each day.

She was waiting for her 89th birthday (March 28)but 3 days before I told her happy birthday, today is your birthday as I knew she wasn’t going to make it. She passed at 4a.m. on March 26.
So don’t let any dr tell you that you don’t need mammograms anymore. GET A SECOND OPINION!