Doreen Bishanga Masiko


Hello komen my name is 36years old. I have lived for a mother of 3beautiful girls one of whom I gave birth to after having lost one ovary.i was first diagnosed with colon cancer when I was 31 years old,I did chemotherapy in Uganda and surgery as well.two years after that another tumor attacked my ovary.the doctors agreed that they remove it. I then lived for another 1.5 years and conceived a beautiful baby girl on one ovary and after’s only God that can do that.i actually named my baby “malaika” in Africa it’s a Swahili word that means angel meaning she’s my angel and gift from God! Last year 2016 another type of cancer attached my cervix and I had my whole system removed,I did chemotherapy and radiation.i must say it’s been 7years and am glad to say am happy to share my testimony and encourage those in the you and thanks for the good Doreen.