Kimberly Beaird



Hello my name is Kimberly Beaird I’m 46 years old. Back in October of 2020 I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in my right breast. Doing mammograms after 40 yrs of age, the mammogram saved my life because we caught the Cancer cells just in time.

Appointments were made to OSF Breast Center as well Illinois Cancer Care. Met up with Radiologist Oncologist, Dr. Smith who scheduled a surgery to remove the lump in my right breast. He caught it just in time so the only treatments was radiation and hormone therapy. I have finished up with radiation treatments and just started hormone therapy. Dr. Hermann is my other radiologist oncologist at OS. However Dr. Jane Lui is my Oncologist at Illinois Cancer Care who is overseeing my hormone therapy.

I have tried to overlook the scares but the emotional scares are what is the hardest. Back in 2017 I was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure and in 2018 I was placed on Diaylsis, which already plays hardship on my body. And to be diagnosed two years later with breast cancer, it has really played hell on my mind because I feel everything I have been through makes me feel less of a woman because I have always been head strong most my life. In 2019 I lost my foster daughter to Cervical cancer and that was devastating to not only me but my three grandchildren now without their Mom.

And when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I prayed every day for the Lord above to give me courage and strength to overcome all this because I did not want my grandchildren to lose another person close to them. They are my motivation and inspiration to fight this and I still am and am never going to give up. I’m currently in recovery and have not gotten the doctor’s stamp of approval for remission just yet.