Lisa Goodwin



Hello, My name is Lisa Goodwin and I am a 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor. You see, I Fight, Fight, Fight, for survivalship; for a cure for my daughter, my son, my nieces, my nephews, your daughter, your sons, your nieces, your nephews and cousins, etc. I am the 5th and youngest lady in my family to have breast cancer. My mom is a 21 year survivor, my aunt is a 15 year survivor, my great aunt survived breast cancer for over 40 years until her demise at the age of 86. My 2nd cousin passed away from breast cancer because she was afraid of the treatment. You see, I started getting mammograms every year faithfully at the age of 25 because of my family history. I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer at the age of 39. I went in for my regular mammogram as usual and at 39, they called me back to come in and take a biopsy and yes, it was malignant and I had stage 1 breast cancer. But early detection saved my life. Now I am a 5 year and counting survivor, I work as a research consultant , researching breast cancer, and I volunteer for Susan G. Komen as a Kohl’s Conversationalist for the Cure spokesperson. Encouraging & educating ladies and men of all ages to get screened, know their risked factors, eat healthy, and to know if they have any abnormal changes to get checked right away. These factors could save their lives.