Rhonda Smith


In May of 2008, I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer, with ER/PR positive tumor type.  Once surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments were over, there was no manual, prescription or remedy to help me recover from the physical, emotional and mental impact of the experience, nor help me restore myself back to normal — whatever that may be.  

However, I have found a “new identity” as a result of my cancer. I’m creating new opportunities, embarking on a new journey and I feel empowered to take control of my life instead of it controlling me. I feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually stronger than ever before because I am a survivor. I will celebrate my 7-year anniversary in May 2015; and thus far, I have not had a recurrence.

In approaching my battle with breast cancer, I chose to be victorious rather than be a victim — and I celebrate each and every day of my life! As a result of my own journey and passion for the cause, I founded Breast Cancer Partner, a for- profit organization to empowerwomen diagnosed with breast cancer to become their own health and wellness advocate in order to not just survive the disease but to thrive during treatment, recovery and in living their life beyond breast cancer. Breast Cancer Partner also helps breast cancer survivors recover from treatment, restore their lives back to normal and reenergize after treatment ends.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with the Susan G. Komen California Affiliates as the state-wide project manager for the Circle of Promise California initiative. Because of this, I am able to do work every day that is purposeful, makes a difference in people’s lives and prevents African American women form dying unnecessarily from breast cancer.