Rhonda Walker



A few days before Christmas 2018, I noticed my nipple was inverted. I knew that wasn’t good. My doctor saw me that day, said, “It looks suspicious…” and I was diagnosed with Stage 3-B breast cancer a few days later. I had a mastectomy in January 2019, followed by several 6-hour rounds of chemo, then 33 sessions of radiation before work every morning. I only missed 11 days of work, total. I had finished treatment, my hair was starting to grow back and our family was celebrating my Survivorship and how good I was feeling. To say it was the worst year of my life is really an understatement. Today, I have just celebrated my 10-year Survivor Anniversary. I am doing well.  Life is better. Some days are wonderful. Some days are sad. I have been one of the top fundraisers for Susan G. Komen in Northern Nevada. I was on the Legislative Committee to get the Nevada Breast Cancer License Plate passed. I now drive around with Breast Cancer License Plate # 00001. And our family has a new motto: Use the fine China!