Shawnda Mays


Hope & Faith…How i deal with Breast Cancer.

Hello, I was diagnosed at the age of 34 with early stage triple negative breast cancer. At that point my life changed. I appreciate my life more. I don’t take anything for granted. My advice to anyone that’s going through a situation like mine or similar is to be STRONG, VERY POSITIVE AND HOPEFUL! GET CURED! Being sad and crying will not make the situation better, but worse. it will drain you and keep you down (my opinion) You want to wake up every morning smile and say “I/ we got this” During treatment take someone with you that’s strong and will lift your spirits instead of being emotional. Or just go alone. Bring a book, laptop etc. Just know you are a step closer to victory!! What support I found helpful was listening to survival stories. Keep in mind everybody situation and body is different. Research your own diagnosis. And who survived and their method of dealing. Chemotherapy will drain you, on them days that’s when u get up and make yourself more active. Even if its just walking the stairs or getting fresh air will always help. Do something nice for yourself as often as you can. Co-survivors show that you care, be strong and very encouraging. You are here to help and build your loved one not bring them down. Never show your weakness. I could not surround myself around people that wasn’t as strong as me. I hope this information was helpful. At this point I’m still fighting.. My god is bigger than cancer and this is no longer just my battle.