Ashley Johnston



My name is Ashley Johnston. I am a 30 year old breast cancer survivor . I was diagnosed in January 2015 with an early stage non genetic type of breast cancer. I made the decision to undergo a double mastectomy because I did not want cancer to have control of my life and wanted to decrease the chances as much as I could of it returning. I believe that no matter what life throws your way it is important to handle it with faith, positivity, and a smile. Being 28, I was naturally worried and scared about several things that were about take place and envelope my life. But through the amazing support of family, friends, and a wonderful boyfriend, I realized hair will grow back, one day I will have a female figure again, and most importantly I WILL BE CANCER FREE!! No one ever plans for this situation or expects it, but to know that someone you have never met has your back and tells you how beautiful and strong you are means the absolute world. Thank you for taking the time to spread awareness, give support, and make breast cancer fighters feel beautiful. I used to be so concerned with losing my hair because I loved doing it and felt like it was such a big part of who I was, which looking back now is sad to say. After I started to lose my hair and it started to come out in clumps, I knew it was time to take control and shave it. My aunt who is a hairdresser came over and did it and ya know what?……I didn’t cry. Just like the decision for the mastectomy, I felt in control of the situation and it almost felt like I was giving cancer the middle finger! I remember putting a bandana on my head and waited for my boyfriend to come over and visit shortly after. I was so nervous. I know there was no reason to be nervous because he’s been there since day one. He went with me to Doctors appointments, scans, surgeries, and now chemo sessions. He truly is my soulmate. Anyway, he texted me he was at my house. I remember opening the door, and there he was, standing there smiling with a shaved head. He looked at me and said “Now we both have cool new haircuts.” He asked me to take my bandana off and when I did he kissed my forehead and told me that I never looked prettier. Through this whole process I have chosen to be positive and determined. But the moment I shaved my head, as weird as it is to say, I have never felt more prettier and liberated. I feel like, thanks to you and your inspirational story and organization, I truly am FIGHTING PRETTY. I recently was chosen by ULTA beauty to promote their Gorgeous Ways to give campaign. Thank you for taking the time to help patients feel their best, I hope one day I can help someone like your kindness have helped others.