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Breast Cancer Patients & Those Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer Can Apply for Financial Help

No one should have to choose between paying a utility bill or receiving treatment for breast cancer. Susan G. Komen has financial assistance available for eligible individuals undergoing breast cancer treatment at any stage and those living with metastatic breast cancer. The program provides funds to cover non-treatment-related expenses, such as housing, transportation, food and more.  

People who are eligible for Komen’s financial assistance can apply once per year. 

For many, this help makes it possible to concentrate on their treatment, whether it’s finding reliable transportation to appointments, providing childcare during treatment or carving out time for care.  

“I had appointments but no transportation,” Stacey said of issues she ran into while undergoing treatment. “I was stressing over missing so many chemo and radiation appointments, but with Komen’s assistance, I could arrange rides.” 

Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer on her 46th birthday. She was connected to Komen’s program through her patient navigator. “I was able to use the funds to enroll my daughter in pre-K and get her started in time for her first day of school without missing medical appointments,” Michelle said. With her daughter in school, Michelle could focus on her care, which included time to exercise, rest and attend metastatic cancer support groups. 

And in addition to financial help, there’s also the comfort of knowing there are people out there who want to help others. 

“It helped me financially, but it also provided a feeling of relief, that there are people who do not know me but want to help. It gives me a reason to keep pushing and knowing I’m not alone in this fight,” said Kristy, who is living with breast cancer. 

Learn more about Komen’s financial assistance and see if you’re eligible.