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Walgreens Supports Komen’s Quest to End Breast Cancer

Through a multi-year collaboration between Walgreens, Susan G. Komen and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Walgreens has helped raised more than $30 million through a combination of corporate and vendor donations and in-store fundraising. Thanks in part to Walgreens, Komen has been able to bring more services in-house, such Komen’s Financial Assistance Program, to help breast cancer patients.  

Shareka turned to Komen for help when she was undergoing treatment for HER2+ breast cancer. “Even working full-time and with support from loved ones and insurance, I still needed help ensuring all my bills were paid,” Shareka said. “I turned to Komen and applied for financial assistance. Within hours, I had a response and was able to pay what I needed to pay.”

Patients like Shareka are why Walgreens and Komen continue to build on a long history of collaboration, both nationally and regionally, to support patients at every step of their cancer journey.

“Susan G. Komen is thankful for the support of Walgreens and their customers and excited about the potential of this collaboration to accelerate the pace of research discovery, particularly as it relates to understanding and combating why breast cancers recur and become metastatic breast cancer,” said Paula Schneider, CEO, Susan G. Komen. “Thanks to our work together, we’re able to help support people touched by breast cancer today, while we spur the development of more effective treatments.”  

Walgreens supports cancer patients through strategic collaborations with leading cancer organizations, specialized training to enable pharmacists to best serve those undergoing treatment and a suite of support offerings available through Walgreens nearly 300 community-based specialty pharmacies. 

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