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A State-By-State Look at Diagnostic and Supplemental Breast Imaging

Diagnostic and supplemental breast imaging is a critical form of breast cancer screening for some high-risk individuals and an important step in determining the need for a biopsy to rule out or confirm breast cancer. Not all insurance plans cover the out-of-pocket costs for this imaging, and the cost to patients can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, according to a Komen-commissioned study. The cost of this imaging deters many people from getting it.

The map above shows states that have enacted legislation that eliminates the out-of-pocket cost of diagnostic and supplemental imaging for people with state-regulated health insurance plans. It also shows states where legislation is pending and states where no action has been taken. Komen continues to advocate for legislation that ensures fair and equitable access to high-quality breast care for all, no matter their age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, identity, cancer stage or socio-economic status.

*Map updated July 17, 2023.