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Mom, I Celebrate Your Memory on Mother’s Day

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day. I know you aren’t physically here, but that doesn’t mean I cannot celebrate you. You see, this day is filled with texts from friends saying, “thinking about you today” – all of which are greatly appreciated. However, what I don’t think people understand, is I still love Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a day I can remember you. I lost you to metastatic breast cancer in 2018, but it’s still a day that reminds me of beautiful white roses, Dad grilling lobsters in the backyard and – of course – getting up early to make you breakfast in bed. It’s a day I can use to look back at our memories and smile, because I know that the 23 Mother’s Days I got to spend with you were filled with love and happiness.

So today, being a day meant to celebrate you, I want to share how I honor you, Mom.

I honor you by cooking. A talent you instilled in me when I was young. You taught me not to follow recipes, but instead to go by taste. You showed me I can make anything and, because of that, I make everything. You may not know this, but I met this boy and we now live together – and he loves cooking, too. We make all your recipes and document them so that one day we can teach them to our children. I talk to Aunty Tess and Granny Norma and they help me fill in the gaps. However, for the most part, all your recipes are still in my heart. Even when I’m convinced I don’t remember them, somehow when I get up and start cooking, they’re inside of me, just like you are.

I honor you by being creative. I finally got the courage to change jobs. You would be so impressed with all my colleagues – they remind me so much of the creative team you managed. My job now is to come up with ideas; something I’m great at because you taught me to be creative and seek inspiration from what’s around me. I’m good at my job because of you; because you taught me to talk to everyone no matter what they looked liked or where they came from. This is something I will always carry with me and it allows me to meet people I would have never dreamed of meeting. Thank you for introducing me to the world, Mom.

I honor you by living. Most importantly, Mom, I promise you I am living my life to its fullest. I still live in New York and now have a cat. I surround myself with those I love, like Morgy, Dan and Dad, and we spend almost all our time together laughing and smiling. We’re still able to do this because you showed us that every moment is a blessing, every birthday is an achievement and every stressful situation has something in it that can make us laugh.

So, happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I usually get you a present on this day, but really, you got me one. Today you have reminded me of how lucky I am to have you within me. I will love you forever.